Best Cars of 2022 | SavageGeese Edition


We discuss the best and worst cars, trucks, and SUVs we drove in 2022. While many vehicles and brands were left out of the mix, we discussed why the cars we liked were unique. This closes out a wild year of massive changes for automotive tech.

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(Watch full clips for honorable mentions)
00:00 Rules and Caveats
0:54 Worst Car
2:25 Worst Infotainment
3:22 Best Infotainment Usability
5:05 Biggest Improvement for an OEM
6:41 Worst/Best Audio System
8:04 Best Entry-Level Truck
9:03 Best Affordable Daily Driver
11:15 Best Entry-Level CUV
13:09 Best Family Full-Size Vehicle
14:35 Best Full-Size Truck
15:31 Best Entry-Level Luxury Sedan
16:36 Best Full-Size Luxury Sedan
18:21 Best Sports Sedan
19:07 Best Sub-$50,000 Sports Car
22:45 Best Entry-Level Luxury SUV
23:53 Best Mid-Size Luxury SUV
24:40 Best Luxury SUV
25:22 Best Off-Roader
26:06 Best EV
27:23 Driver’s Car of the Year
29:23 Car of the Year

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